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3 by 3 House 3 by 3 House

A Modular

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A modular house solution that perfectly fits your development plan, budget and the local planning requirements.

Why We Designed It?


Building a house is a complicated process including design, engineering, budgeting, building permit application and finally the construction. Eventually, it will become somebody’s home, but the quality and user experience is often lost.


Catalogue houses are supposed to make things easier but they are too rigid and frankly speaking they simply lack excitement. Getting architects involved from day one is expensive and there is a high risk that the design will exceed the budget. So how to get a house that meets the user preferences, fits the site, does not disrupt the neighbours and is still easy to build?


3 by 3 is a customisable modular house that abides the rules of industrialised and efficient construction and yet has the feel and quality of a personalised product.

Easy to Personalise

Easy to Personalise

A Modular Solution

A modular house manufactured in highly controlled factory conditions by combining innovative software with ultra precise German machinery.

Standardised Functional Module

Cost effective, robust. easy to build and maintain

Customisable Living Module

Adjustable to personal living needs and preferences.

External Architecture

Adjustable to personal preference and planning requirements.

3 by 3 House


All technical systems are solved to the last detail and optimized by trade specialists.



The floor layouts are customisable to fit your plot characteristics and your requirements, yet still meet the principles of design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA).



Combine to create a pair of detached houses, or a row of houses.


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We Provide

We'll support all stages of the development from planning and marketing to on-site construction.



Customised designs
based on our modular units.


Transparent pricing
for more effective budgeting.


Marketing materials for getting permissions and conducting sales activities.


Factory made houses
delivered to your site.

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About Us

Architectural Bureau Pluss

Award Winning Architects

Beautiful and functional design by the
award-winning Architectural Bureau Pluss

Creatomus Solutions

Customised by Software

All designs are easily customisable
via the innovative design interface developed
by Creatomus Solutions


Precise Manufacturing

Manufactured and assembled by our timber construction partner Welement who's on a mission to help contractors, engineers & developers innovate the building industry.

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